So you are thinking about sailing around the world?

So are we!

We are Peter and Hanna, a couple currently living in Stockholm, Sweden. I currently work as a Bartender in one of Stockholm’s largest nightclubs and Hanna is currently studying journalism at a university in Stockholm.

The whole plan of sailing started for me about five years ago when I was given an old sailboat that was unloved and unwanted. A modest Birdie 24 that had been standing on land. It wasn’t more than a shell, with almost no interior. Well, there where pieces since the previous owner had started a refurbishment but gave up quickly.

Birdie 24

After a summer working on the inside and outside of the boat, she cleaned up nice, but has so far not made it back into the water. But it awoke my interests in boats.

Some years went by and I suddenly found myself without a place to live. Finding an apartment in Stockholm where I was then working with IT at a bank, and later at a hospital, is very difficult. Waiting for an apartment to rent can take months if you are willing to live far from the city center and years if you want to be close to the city at all. The only way to get an apartment quickly is to buy one. With starting prices at around €100,000, this was not an option.

I solved the problem with buying a larger boat, this time a Rapier 28, in much better condition. I put the new boat in a nice marina in central Stockholm where I paid €210 per month, and actually lived on the boat for nine months. Many people wondered how it was living on a small sailboat during the Swedish winter, with temperatures dropping down to -20 celsius. Warmth was only a problem once or twice, and that was when a fuse had blown in the marina early in the morning. If the heater wasn’t turned on, the temperature dropped about one degree per minute.

But during those nine months I spent my free time dreaming about casting off and sail wherever I wanted. I knew that there was not much keeping me anchored down.

The Pearl

How can you not dream of sailing the world when this is your bedroom?

At this point it was all dreams and no real planning. I thought the dream was lost when I finally bought an apartment and moved from the boat. But then I met Hanna and we started talking about travelling the world. We talked about visiting different places, I told her about places in the world where I have lived and suddenly, the dream was alive again.

This time we seriously started planning the trip. I started doing research and found that most of the information out there are blogs that are mostly about the trip itself and not so much about how to plan or even what to plan for. Besides lists from yachtworld with ”10 things you should have when blue water sailing”, which were not much more than a short list of items that one should have.

So we decided to start this blog and really start from the beginning. From planning and budgeting to, hopefully, casting off.
We hope that you will be with us every step of the way!
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3 thoughts on “So you are thinking about sailing around the world?

  1. It is good to see that you are starting the blog from the beginning to help others.
    We have been out there 5 years now living aboard and although we get most things wrong if there is anything we can do to help you or your website please let us know. It is an exciting time and we will be riding along with you.


  2. Thank you, hopefully someone will learn from my mistakes aswell. =D

    Sounds like fun, I hope to hear more from you in the future! If I have any questions, I will ask.


  3. Rachel says:

    I’m very excited to catch your adventure at the beginning! Good luck to you and Hanna.


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