Water! We all need it.

Water, the thing we dream to be on, allways searching for.water drop

We plan on carrying a lot of water. One 40 liter tank. One 70 liter tank and one 200 liter waterbag. This should be enough for two people for about 30 days while crossing the atlantic. And with rationing, It could last much longer.

What about seawater? Isn’t there some kind of ratio that would be ok for the human body? Or how about using it for cooking?
One of the problems with seawater is that it has many different types of salt. Not just sodium chloride, which most of us know as tablesalt. In the ocean there are magnesium, sulfate, calcium, and potassium salts as well. Really not good for you.

So how much seawater can a person drink? None really. If you drink seawater and don’t have access to fresh water, you are allready dehydrating your body.

What about using seawater for cooking? Well there are some seafood boils that use seawater. Usually shellfish are used since the shell protects the meat from some of the salt. It is also not recomended to do this too often. For everyday usage, no more than a couple of spoonfulls should be used to season things like pasta, rice or potatoes.

But there are still uses for seawater. Washing up and showering work great with seawater. And both things use a lot of water. Just doing the dishes can use a few liters of valuable water. A shower can use three times that. In both cases, seawater can be used instead of freshwater. But it is recommended to rinse with freshwater after washing with the seawater.

Do you have any tips and tricks about saving water? Please post in the comment section.

In the next post about water, we will be looking at water makers, purifiers, filters and even solarstills.