My new dream boat! The Hellberg Rassy 64

Of course, I could never afford it. Not in the next 15 years anyway, but I really love this ship! Big enough to be able to cruise in both comfort and style! Of course, I want to rebuild the interior so that there is an office and a guest cabin in the front, a “Captains Cabin” in the aft and a nice and large “Second mate’s Cabin” in the middle, just behind the saloon.

Hallberg Rassy 64

Hallberg Rassy 64

It’s almost possible to just feel the speed!

Hallberg Rassy 64

Having a compartment for the dinghy is brilliant!
Getting it out of sight and still safe while in unchartered waters.

Hallberg Rassy 64

Imagine sitting on that deck with a glass of wine just watching the sunset.


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    • I found a used one from 1998 for about 70 thousand euros. But that is still way more than I can currently afford. Maybe the lottery is a solution. ๐Ÿ™‚


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