The first days in Bangkok

Our plan was simple, after flying all night our plan was to take it easy and get settled the first day. Sleeping in an airplane is never a good kind of sleep. So the plan was to check in to the hotel. (I will make an other post about all the places we stayed at.) And after that get a good nights sleep so that we could get a fresh and well rested start.

Let me tell you, it is easier to make a plan than to follow the plan.

After getting into a taxi at the airport with a driver who was a really fun guy. I speak a little bit of thai, and I mean a little. But one of the things I have learned how to say very well translates into “I can speak a little bit of the thai language.” Which usually impresses most, since it is one of the more formal and correct way to say it. But I quickly follow with “But I not understand the language.” Which I say in a very informal and not really correct way, which makes most of them laugh. Anyway, we had a great time with the driver who spoke understandable english and we could even joke, with hime saying “That is good, I only understand english, I don’t speak thai.”

We had some difficulties finding the Hotel, which was poorly shown where it was, and even the locals could point to a direction, even to the taxi driver. It ended up being at the end of a small soi (allyway) which also could have been just a meter between two buildings.

Once we got there we where impressed with the room, even though it was smaller than all the places I have stayed at in khao san road. But the room was very nice.


Sign saying: Anything on rice 40Baht. On the counter is a cat sleeping. Only in thailand.



We saw this cat napping on a counter, but it was the sign that made it funny. I doubt they will serv you cat on rice. (Well, they probably would given ridiculous amounts of money, and they might just call a mental institution at the same time.)



I usually try to book a room for the first night, just to be sure, since it is so easy to find another place the other day. It just gets more difficult the later in the day it is. The cleapest and/or best places fill upp first with backpackers and other exotic people. The more exensive places become full usually around 18:00 and after that, you can allways find a room, but expect to pay at least 2,000 Baht.

So what acutally happed? We unpacked our bags quickly, grabbing what we needed most and headed out into the rain. Oh, right, I forgot, when we arrived it was raining like someone just turned the waterworks on over earth. It usually just lasts for 5-15 minutes at a time, but when it does, trust me, get an umbrella or run for cover. But, by the time we had unpacked our bags, the rainfall was over anyway.

Yeah, our plan to take it easy lasted about fifteen minutes during pouring rain. After that, we where ready to go exploring. We did take the safeguard of buying an umbrella for 100 Baht first.



After walking up and down khao san road, we used one of the allyways to get to Soi rambuttri. Streets, roads, allys and names in bangkok are a mess according to my opionion, but they get it to work, so who am I to judge.
Hanna was exited about everything which was fun to see. Here she is walking on soi rambuttri

Hanna walking down Soi Rambuttri, Banglampoo, Bankkok, Thailand

As you can see, things are still closed and things have not really come alive after the rain.

"My Friends Bar" on Soi Rambuttri, Banglampoo, Bangkok, Thailand


The coverd van in the picute above turns into this during the nighttime.



When we started to get hungry I said that we should go the the food carts at the the end of soi rambuttri, where the thai locals go to eat. Just to experiance real thai food and not fried macaroni with chicken. If you want western food, the best place to get it is in the west.

Hanna trying real thai food for the first time at the end of Soi Rambuttri, Bangkok, Thailand
The prices of real thai food are very cheap. 35 Baht for one dish with rice as of 2015 at the end of Soi Rambuttri, Bangkok, Thailand

As you see, the prices are so low that you can order one of each and try them all and then in the future you will know which ones you can or like to eat. You will recognize the dishes in different places. But warning, many are spicy. Very spicy. And when I mean very spicy, I mean five to ten piri-piri peppers in just the dish you recieved. If you want to be sure not to get spicy food, say: “Mai ow pet”, It is not the most polite way, but they will understand. In english it would be pernounced preay much as it is spelled. Mai as in the drink mai thai, ow as I hurt my big toe and pet as in petting an animal. It translates to “Not want spicy”, but learn how to say thank you and smile. 



We had to try some of the insects, and I will buy a mixed bag of differend kinds one day and try them, but we did splurge on a scorpion dipped in bbq sause. Not really a thai thing, there is no meat on them and are just sold to turists as easy money. We paid 80 Baht for one, but I heard of another selling for 180 Baht. It was basically just crunchy and had some bbq flavor, nothing to recomend at that price.




In the evning the street came to life as usuall. Bars and bukets have replaced the daytime flipflop and beachwear stores. But we ended up walking around soi rambuttri, since it is a little bit more calm or “sabai sabai”  Just a bit more relaxed, lower, softer music and not as many people as on khao san road, but still a great place to visit.

After our drinks and completely failed plan, which turned out quite allright anyway, Hanna thought it would be a good idea to get a foot massage. And I agreed. She also wanted a pedicure and a manicure of course, and I got one too. My nails need to be cut and they let me drink my beer in the salon.

But now I actually have my two big toes painted the worst lime-vomit green I could find. I didn’t care and everybody thought is was funny. But I did remember myself that they were painted when we changed from the hotel to the VS Guesthous, whom I know the whole family and stay there at least one night I am in Bangkok.

Even if I get a nice room somewhere else, I still get a room there since it is so cheap and so close to khao san. So if I would get a bit much to drink, I can allways go there and take a nap, and besides I’m helping the family who run the place. And they help me, they point out the cheapest ways to do things and the best markets to visit. You may need to know a bit of basic thai like asking for how much and understanding the number in thai. Tha haggling part can be done with the calculator on someones smartphone.

After we felt that we have had enough drinks, we decieded that it was time to go home. Just so happened to be that we walked by a restaurant that was selling barbequed jumbo kingsize shrimp. And I mean kingsize! I first thought they where small lobsters or crayfish, but at a closer look, I saw that it was shrimp.

Since they where closing we got a really good deal since we bought all that they had left, a bit over one kilo. And the normal price was 1,000 Baht for one kilo, which is still nothing. It looks good doesn’t it?


I will try to keep everyone updated with our adventures, I have aranged so that I can use the unlimtided data surf on the telephone I bought in thailand. Here it is normal to have a dual sim card function and what I do is to buy a thai phone, get a thai simcard and also insert my usual simcard in the second slot. In that way I only need to carry one phone around, and I can get in contact with Hanna if we get seperated, or contact my thai friends without any difficulty. I really love the phone. It is a low end samsung, which is a bit of a change for me being used to having a iphone. So time to learn android.

If anyone wants to contact us if the have any questions about questions or such just call me Peter by email peter @ the big blue road . com (without spaces)