The first week in Bangkok

Just sayin’… Now I need a vacation!

I had actually made a list of thing that we could do while we in Bangkok, but that didn’t happen.

Things go much slower in Thailand, like Spain has its’ “a mañana”. Ten minutes does not mean ten minutes. It means more like probably less than half a hour.

Normal bangkok traffic, not even close to a traffic jam.


In Bangkok this isn’t even a traffic jam. Just an average day.




The second Night we met an old friend!

After not seeing each other for something like 4-5 years, I met a good friend named Mon. She took us to Gypsy Lips Bar at the end of Soi Rambuttri, close to where she had her own bar. So we also got to know Danny the bartender.

2015-11-16 22.47.20

Peter, Mon and an other friend of Mon from England


 We did manage to get to MBK

And I had said the Hanna should only look and not buy any thing.

But we did need to get mobiles. Dual Sim card phones are quite common in Thailand, and can be very cheap. I do it to be able to have my usual sim card in one slot, and get a Thai number which can be used in Thailand. In case you need to call the hotel to tell a taxi driver for directions, or if you are travelling with someone, you can call each other for no money at all.

We did get smart phones though, first we bought Samsung J 100, which is a low end  phone. Hanna doesn’t really like it, because it is a bit slow. And at all the possible stalls that sell telephones, repair them, sell parts and so on, we found Alex


MBK Center, Yuki Shop,

He had lots of hand written notes in different languages complementing how good he was.

I told him what I wanted, a low end cheap smart phone with dual sim card. The first thing he brought out was a Samsung J 100, which was actually a bit more expensive than I had planned for, but I had planned on getting a no name brand generic phone. But since we bought two phones, with cases and sim cards, he gave us a really good price.

After that.

He just happened to be selling suits as well. And it happened to be that I was planning on buying a suit or two. I ended up buying three suits, tre extra pants, six shirts. Since two of the suits where a little bit for fun. One white and one purple, I said that they could be in polyester or another cheap fabric. All for the same price as tre normal two piece suits of the rack made in wool. What a great deal!

A big part of the cost of a suit is the fabric that is used. Polyester being the cheapest, and you can see how the suit is a bit shiny. Then there is wool, linen and Kashmir. And many more, you can make a suit out of hemp as well.

So he comes to our hotel to do a fitting.


Like I said, I had asked and paid for polyester, but Alex surprised me and told that both those suits would be in Kashmir as well.

He measured what needed to be adjusted and we will probably do another fitting next time I am in Bangkok.

We talked and became friends. We decided to go out to dinner together. Alex found a little local seafood bbq all you can eat place which looked very nice. The food was great and we had a great time.

It ended up that I really liked the android telephone, so I decieded to get a new one. I went back to Alex and bought a Samsung A7 and since I had wanted a tablet since a couple of years back, I got a Samsung Galaxy Tablet S 10.5. Alex gave me such a good price it cost me about 60% of what it all would have costed back home.

I will make another post about the phones we bought and how the suits turned out. But I am thinking that I don’t need to find a tailor again. I have Alex!

After the dinner Hanna wanted to go see a ping-pong show. I had never seen one either, so we went to Patpong.

Here is a video from the market in Patpong

We did actually watch a Ping-Pong show, but don’t go with the thai people with laminated signs, they will bring you to a club around the corner where they get commission for getting you there.

But first we stopped at an outside bar called the The Pink Panther, which was very nice and had a really good bartender.

Behind the curtian was a Go-Go bar. Nothing special, all the girls where wearing the exact same type of schoolgirl outfits with too shorts skirts and tops. They looked a bit bored even though they rotated with other girls every 15 minutes or so. The prices inside where more expensive than at the bar outside, you were allowed to bring the drinks from the outside bar inside if you wanted.

The Ping-Pong Show

I have never seen anything like it. They put ping-pong rackets on the table, and a woman pushed/shot ping-pong balls several meters from the stage to where we were sitting and we were supposed to try to hit the balls back.

Another woman opened soda bottles, I am not sure exactly how. But she squatted down on the bottle and then you heard it open. Trust me, the whole experience was shocking but very interesting.

And that was the end of our time in Bangkok

With the visits back and forth to Alex and MBK we actually didn’t have time for that much more this time. We will be back the last week, and then we will be able to do more things!

 So we went back to Khao San Road

To get tickets to Koh Phangan. We decided to take the most comfortable way to travel and took Lomprayah. I guess the bus driver got lost, since we had to wait for 2 hours for the scheduled bus to arrive.


But we where finally on our way to Koh Phangan! This is taken right before we got on the high-speed ferry. But that is another story.