The first post on my first trip to Thailand

Hi everyone!

My writing here have unfortunately not been as high as Peters. I’ve been in need of a break from everyday life, but now I´m more relaxed and have the energy to write.

So here we are, finally out on our adventure. This trip have been my motivation and sparkle through tough times so it feels nice to that we finally reached our goal. While writing this I´m lying in the hammock outside our cozy bungalow at Koh Phangang.  It’s so different from Bangkok here.  Despite all the conversations about the trip between me and Peter, and although he have been trying to describe Thailand, my first meeting with the land was a big chock – Thereof the list: Things that surprised me.

Part 1 – The contrasts

Already on the freeway entering Bangkok it hit me, the insight of the big contrasts here. I’m sitting there in the backseat of the cab which drives us away from the airport. I´m observing the cars, the houses, the people, the roads, yeah all things that we pass. We drive through areas with houses close up to each other, very small houses with broken walls, patched roofs and eroded color.  It’s a sight that I’m not used to. Although it’s these houses that, in some places, lay next doors that is making me react… or rather the contrasts.  Next to the dilapidated houses namely there is are some of the most beautiful houses that I´ve ever seen. They are decorated with hand-carved figurines and are covered in gold. Sure, I know that all societies have sharp contrasts, but here it was right before my eyes.  The contrasts took the shape of houses, one dilapidated wall against one gold covered.


Part 2 is coming in a couple of days!