Full Moon Party in Koh Phangang

Burning sign Full Moon Party Haadrin Koh Phangan Thailand

The Full Moon Party on Koh Phangan

A full moon party on Koh Phangan can not be described.
Or actually I would say that it is about 30,000 to 50,000 people in the age of twenty to thirty getting drunk like it was the first time they drank alcohol like it was the first time when they were fourteen again. In other words, a whole lot of partying, dancing and drinking!

People drinking and dancing at the full moon party in november 2015

People having intimate snuggling on the beach or a friend being sick on your 150 baht fake quicksilver flipflops. You just don’t know what you will see.
I tried taking some videos for people to get an idea.


We had a great time. We didn’t get into trouble or anything. But on the other hand. We took the smart choice to go out and have a good dinner before we started partying.

I am guessing that this guy didn’t.


But before we went out. The girls wanted war paint which was provided for free by the hotel that they where staying at.

Then we were ready to go! The girls took it easy, they got a lot of attention from the guys, but that’s not unexpected. They managed to keep themselves on two buckets for three people. Which is a good level. Each bucket is usually 20 cl of booze mixed with a can or two of coke and a redbull.

The Party

There are a lot of people passed out drunk or puking on their friends legs and flip-flops or pissing in the ocean with their clothes on.

I guess that Magic Mountain is still selling mushroom shakes, or it otherwise was not hard getting a hold of.

We did meet a lot of people who said that they have had mushrooms. One guy walked down to the beach thinking it was blood and thinking it was a good idea to lay down there. We know this since we asked him if he was O.K., which he was according to him.

I know that they did sell weed on magic mountain, but only the days before the party. But in the north side you can buy in most bars that have any kind of reggae influence. Just ask, they don’t even care. It is also the same in the mountains. Since selling 10 grams of weed for 1,000 baht is enough for rice fot the whole month. I do have a warning! Don’t buy anything from anyone on the beach, and carry as little as possible. Try to hide in your undies or something. (And I don’t recommend anyone to do anything illegal in any country unless they are willing to face the consequences.)The police are usually keeping an eye out and have even heard about deals with dealers and police to collect “fines”. But like I said, if that is your thing you are much better off in the mountains, the north or east coast. Many of the Thai people do it themselves. But most people just get wasted on buckets. The expensive ones are about 400 Baht. Cheaper if you get Thai spirits.

Or go with the Lao Khao, which is some kind of rice based moonshine which is usually sold at 7/11 for around 50 Baht for a 33cl bottle. But the stuff tastes like really, really bad tequila. If you just have a bucket, you could make your own booze bucket from 7/11 for less than a 100 Baht.

For me, I’ll stick to the beer (Leo or Singha, never Chang) or a wine cooler.

Full Moon Party November 2015

We even got home at a decent hour. Well, we left the fullmoon party a a decent hour, around 03:00 when a lot of others also went home. I had stayed sober to be able to drive home. But of course, we got lost. But if we had not gotten lost, we would not have seen this either.

One thing made me a bit sad, even though the locals had put out extra trash bins and some people at least putting trash and bottles in one pile, a lot of the beach looked a lot like this


I’m not saying that it was not like that five years ago when I was there the last time. I’m just saying, Welcome to Hell’drin

Go once and you will have an awesome party. But in a way, the whole experience is that once is enough. If you have not been there, go for it!

Keep your eye out for the next post, its’ about the whole island experience.
And the secret spots on Koh Phangan