VS Guesthouse on Khaosan Road

psx_20151207_235718.jpgVS Guest House


One of the original guest houses of Khao San Rd

The same family has run this guest house as long as there has been a Khao San Road to talk about. When I was there in 2011 most of the family still lived there, but now they themselves have moved to another house not far away, to be able to rent out more rooms, I guess.


The lobby of the V.S. Guesthouse on Khao San Road in Bangkok, Thailand

The Lobby of the VS Guesthouse

It is a bit run down, and I am guessing that there has not been much money for repairs. But it is one of the only really cheap rooms you can find on Khao San, and many travellers return as they pass by They only have fan rooms, but for 300 Baht, on Khao San Road, you can’t find a better price. They even have a dorm room which is even cheaper.

And they are far enough away from Khao San, that you can actually sleep, without having more than 30 meters from the “burger king side” and 100 meters to Soi Rambuttri

It may be a run down, but there a happy-go-lucky feeling to the place. If I am stopping over in Bangkok for one night or so, I will always stay with them. Over the years I have gotten to know them and try to help them out any way I can.

The Enterence to the VS Guesthouse

If you are on a shoe-string budget or want to go off the beaten path. This is the place for you, here you will see what it was like in Bangkok in the 70’s.

For me it has become like a second home when ever I am in Bangkok, I always get a room there, at least for one night to say hello to the family who remember me from all the times I have been there. And on more than one occasion they have invited me to have a meal with them. But, I am guessing that for that to happen, you need to get to know them a bit.

It can be difficult to find much information about them, most of their guests come by word of mouth, since they don’t have a web page and it is too small to be on any of the major booking websites.

Here is their contact information, try and give them a call.


V.S. Guest house, No. 136 Tanao Rd. Corner Khao San Rd. Near Banglumpoo, Bangkok, 10200, Thailand. Tel: 02-2812078 (+6622812078)