Klong Koi Beach – The most relaxed place on Koh Chang

White Sands Beach, Lonely Beach and now Klong Koi Beach!

Lonely beach used to be the shoe-string backbacker haven of Koh Chang. That is no longer the case. Read the post about Lonely Beach.

The new paradise on Koh Chang is Klong Koi Beach, which is like Lonely Beach was about 10 years ago. And not a lot of people know about it yet, although I am guessing that in 3-4 years, that will change too.

There is not much here, and that is what makes it into paradise. Everything closes around 10 o’clock at night, or at least the music is turned off. Apparently the land owner doesn’t want another Lonely Beach. Don’t fear, the closest village is a 20 minute walk, which is not recommended, but taxis are on stand-by during peak hours and otherwise you can allways call the taxi service that is available 24-hours per day.


Most of the time we stayed at a place called Sea You Bungalows, which you can read more about here.


But there are other places too. I recomend Yak Bungalows


And also The Treehouse Cottages (Yes, it has connections to the famous Treehouse on Koh Chang, which you can read more about here.)

There is also the local market, which mostly has common household items and caters mostly to the community that lives in the area and not so much to turists, since besides a small snack shelf, beers and soft drinks only have the things you would need to live here, like spices, washing up liquid and other household things.