The Boat Chalet

The Boat Chalet

This was clearly a very nice resort once upon a time. But it has fallen into disrepair over the years. Perhaps it is because of the location, it is literally at the end of the road. And there is nothing else around it except a waterfall which is part of the National Park in Koh Chang.

It is nothing like I have ever seen before. An old cruise ship had been turned into a hotel in the resort. An amazing feat, since The Galaxy is not in the water as one would think, but a section of land close to the sea had been dug out, the ship beached in the location, and then the land behind was refilled, leaving only a small lake behind the ship. Returning the beach to its’ original state.

At first glance, everything looks nice, but once you start looking closer, you can see that maintainance has not been done in a long time.


To the left is a ship containing a defunct swimming pool. Note the angle of the boat, it has partially sunk already, rendering the pool useless. To the right is the main office and reception, which was still functioning. It turns out that the resort is still in business, but it seemed like it was no longer for tourists, more like low-end apartments to people living on the island.

As you can see, it looks very nice on picture. And these pictures look very much the same as you can find on the resorts homepage, but if you look closer, you can see that the harsh environment takes its’ toll on the ships.


But, besides that, the views here are wonderful and should be a must visit for anyone who likes boats, ships and the ocean. But, trust me, don’t stay here. It is overpriced. In the middle of nowhere. The closest community is a beach area a few kilometers away that has just started being developed about two years ago.

In the area close to Klong Koi Beach there are also other, uncompleted boats that have not yet been rebuilt. If the investors ran out of money or if they were just put there, I don’t know. But a very pretty place to take a stroll through. Just don’t take the main road. If you do, you will be charged the entrance fee for the national park and the waterfall. Which is not really worth visiting unless you are visiting during or direct after the rainy season, as it is more like a trickling stream during the rest of the year.

The best way to get there

Go to Klong Koi Beach and follow it to the end, already you will see the Boat Chalet, but will not be able to get to it because of a fence. Keep walking along the fence, or at least without loosing sight of it. After a short while you will see a building made of blue metal 40-foot shipping containers. Follow that building to the end and you can walk around the building. Don’t worry if it doesn’t look right, the shortcut will be between the shipping container building and another building that looks like an apartment building. This is a well-known shortcut for the locals who sometimes use the man-made harbour for fishing.