Temple Wat Suthat Thep Wararam – วัดสุทัศนเทพวราราม

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This is a temple in the middle of Bangkok. Not one of the biggest ones, or a common turist attraction. There are other much bigger temples that are more popular. As you can see on the legend above the grounds are very big. And the building in green was being refurbished and off-limits. We only visited the main temple which is the yellow square on the right side.

Inside the temple there is a big Buddha in the center and is an active place of worship, so please be respectful when visiting. Women should wear clothing that covers the shoulders and at least a skirt that is around knee-length. Don’t be surprised if you need to take your shoes off to go inside.


The courtyard is equally impressive with many statues and sculptures.

The whole courtyard is surrounded by Buddhas, although on the right side, seen from the main entrance, some of the statues are painted black and have most of the decorations removed.

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