Full Moon Party in Koh Phangang

Burning sign Full Moon Party Haadrin Koh Phangan Thailand

The Full Moon Party on Koh Phangan

A full moon party on Koh Phangan can not be described.
Or actually I would say that it is about 30,000 to 50,000 people in the age of twenty to thirty getting drunk like it was the first time they drank alcohol like it was the first time when they were fourteen again. In other words, a whole lot of partying, dancing and drinking!

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The first post on my first trip to Thailand

Hi everyone!

My writing here have unfortunately not been as high as Peters. I’ve been in need of a break from everyday life, but now I´m more relaxed and have the energy to write.

So here we are, finally out on our adventure. This trip have been my motivation and sparkle through tough times so it feels nice to that we finally reached our goal. While writing this I´m lying in the hammock outside our cozy bungalow at Koh Phangang.  It’s so different from Bangkok here.  Despite all the conversations about the trip between me and Peter, and although he have been trying to describe Thailand, my first meeting with the land was a big chock – Thereof the list: Things that surprised me.

Part 1 – The contrasts

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The first week in Bangkok

Just sayin’… Now I need a vacation!

I had actually made a list of thing that we could do while we in Bangkok, but that didn’t happen.

Things go much slower in Thailand, like Spain has its’ “a mañana”. Ten minutes does not mean ten minutes. It means more like probably less than half a hour.

Normal bangkok traffic, not even close to a traffic jam.


In Bangkok this isn’t even a traffic jam. Just an average day.




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