VS Guesthouse on Khaosan Road

VS Guesthouse on Khaosan Road

psx_20151207_235718.jpgVS Guest House


One of the original guest houses of Khao San Rd

The same family has run this guest house as long as there has been a Khao San Road to talk about. When I was there in 2011 most of the family still lived there, but now they themselves have moved to another house not far away, to be able to rent out more rooms, I guess.


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The first week in Bangkok

Just sayin’… Now I need a vacation!

I had actually made a list of thing that we could do while we in Bangkok, but that didn’t happen.

Things go much slower in Thailand, like Spain has its’ “a mañana”. Ten minutes does not mean ten minutes. It means more like probably less than half a hour.

Normal bangkok traffic, not even close to a traffic jam.


In Bangkok this isn’t even a traffic jam. Just an average day.




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Don’t get stuck in Khao San

Khao san road and soi rambuttri are two small streets in a city of about fifteen million. Go exploring! See things that are in no travel guide.


Where in a travel guide are you going to be able to find an alleyway like this? Here people where walking, and riding motorbikes and bicycles.


But where else are you going to be able to buy an iced chai latte made in true Thai style, by a woman who looked like she had more experience than anyone.

And both of these two places are less than a few minutes away from the Burger King side of Khao san road.