My new dream boat! The Hellberg Rassy 64

Of course, I could never afford it. Not in the next 15 years anyway, but I really love this ship! Big enough to be able to cruise in both comfort and style! Of course, I want to rebuild the interior so that there is an office and a guest cabin in the front, a “Captains Cabin” in the aft and a nice and large “Second mate’s Cabin” in the middle, just behind the saloon.

Hallberg Rassy 64

Hallberg Rassy 64

It’s almost possible to just feel the speed!

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Power! We can never have enough.

I really hope that everyone out there is using LED lighting by now. The savings in electricity compared to regular filament bulbs are incredible.

But electricity can be a bit complicated. Amps, Amp hours, Watt, Volts and current? What?!
Now what then? It’s a mine field out there. Batteries will show how many Amp hours they have, and products show how many amps they use. Sounds simple right? Well, it is, at least if you know that Amp hours (Ah) are ampere used per hour. So if you had a 83 Ah battery and you have a product using 1 A of current, that product could (theoretically) be run for 83 hours.

It might be easy to just let an electrician deal with that stuff for you, but if you are on a budget or at sea, that might not be an option. You really should have at least a basic understanding of the electronics system on your boat.

The first step on planning your electric system is knowing how much power that you need for the equipment you have and how often you will use this equipment. Make a list of items and how much you will run them. A refrigerator will be turned on 24/7, but an anchorlight will only be turned on for perhaps 12-hour periods, certain days? Ambient lighting will probably only be used for a few hours per day.

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Water! We all need it.

Water, the thing we dream to be on, allways searching for.water drop

We plan on carrying a lot of water. One 40 liter tank. One 70 liter tank and one 200 liter waterbag. This should be enough for two people for about 30 days while crossing the atlantic. And with rationing, It could last much longer.

What about seawater? Isn’t there some kind of ratio that would be ok for the human body? Or how about using it for cooking?
One of the problems with seawater is that it has many different types of salt. Not just sodium chloride, which most of us know as tablesalt. In the ocean there are magnesium, sulfate, calcium, and potassium salts as well. Really not good for you.

So how much seawater can a person drink? None really. If you drink seawater and don’t have access to fresh water, you are allready dehydrating your body.

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Living the global cruising dream

Sailing around the world might be a dream, and only a dream to many. Remember, the only thing that is stopping you from forfilling your dreams is usually you. Or time and money. Both of which are in direct corralation to your own motivation. Sometimes you have to dream and try taking a walk on the wild side.

The gentle rocking of the boat will make sure you sleep like a baby. Either that or the fact that you are dead tired from sailing a whole day. You may not have all the luxuries of home, but this is a different lifestyle. Who cares if you miss the latest episode of Paradise Hotel or Let’s Dance. The world is your entertainment. You will see and experience things that your friends will not be able to fathom.

Fishing for your own food or buying a lobster directly from the fisherman is a unique experience. Besides the fact that you will be on the move with your home away from home for a very long time. Doing something like this will change your life forever, perhaps even making you a better person.

A little preview of someone else living the dream.