The Boat Chalet

The Boat Chalet

This was clearly a very nice resort once upon a time. But it has fallen into disrepair over the years. Perhaps it is because of the location, it is literally at the end of the road. And there is nothing else around it except a waterfall which is part of the National Park in Koh Chang.

It is nothing like I have ever seen before. An old cruise ship had been turned into a hotel in the resort. An amazing feat, since The Galaxy is not in the water as one would think, but a section of land close to the sea had been dug out, the ship beached in the location, and then the land behind was refilled, leaving only a small lake behind the ship. Returning the beach to its’ original state.

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Adventure time in Thailand

Since our plans of sailing have been put on hold for a while, we decided that a trip to Thailand was in order.
Bangkok by night
I have lived there before for about six months and we will not be taking the generic turist version of a trip to Thailand. Sure, some things have to be done. Hanna has never been to a Full Moon Party, which for me is a bit too crazy, but on the other hand is also a must for any partygoer who visits Thailand.

Our plan is to arrive in Bangkok on sunday, go to Khao San Road, which I know is probably the most turisty thing one can do. But Hanna has not been in South East Asia at all, so it could be good to ease her into the whole thing.

Khao San Road Bangkok Thailand

After all, we will only be in Khao San for 3 days before we are off to an apartment a bit north of central bangkok, and she will probably have to learn some basic Thai, since the locals there do not speak any english at all

After a week in the apartment, we are off to Koh Phangang and a full blown Full Moon Party. Now that is a crazy party.. Thirty-thousand people drinking buckets of booze on a rather small beach. I will probably feel like the oldest geezer there, but maybe I will have fun anyway.

Full Moon Party Haad Rin Koh Phangan Thailand

Full Moon Party Haad Rin Koh Phangan Thailand

After a week of partying it is time to do what I really want. Relax and take it easy. So the next destination is Koh Chang and a resort in the south next to the quaint little fishing village Bang Bao.

Treehouse Cottages Koh Chang Thailand

But, there will be more to follow, we will keep everybody updated about our travels and adventures, so keep an eye out!