Street vendor selling fried insects on Khao San Road, Bangkok, Thailand

The first days in Bangkok

Our plan was simple, after flying all night our plan was to take it easy and get settled the first day. Sleeping in an airplane is never a good kind of sleep. So the plan was to check in to the hotel. (I will make an other post about all the places we stayed at.) And after that get a good nights sleep so that we could get a fresh and well rested start.

Let me tell you, it is easier to make a plan than to follow the plan.

After getting into a taxi at the airport with a driver who was a really fun guy. I speak a little bit of thai, and I mean a little. But one of the things I have learned how to say very well translates into “I can speak a little bit of the thai language.” Which usually impresses most, since it is one of the more formal and correct way to say it. But I quickly follow with “But I not understand the language.” Which I say in a very informal and not really correct way, which makes most of them laugh. Anyway, we had a great time with the driver who spoke understandable english and we could even joke, with hime saying “That is good, I only understand english, I don’t speak thai.”

We had some difficulties finding the Hotel, which was poorly shown where it was, and even the locals could point to a direction, even to the taxi driver. It ended up being at the end of a small soi (allyway) which also could have been just a meter between two buildings.

Once we got there we where impressed with the room, even though it was smaller than all the places I have stayed at in khao san road. But the room was very nice.


Sign saying: Anything on rice 40Baht. On the counter is a cat sleeping. Only in thailand.



We saw this cat napping on a counter, but it was the sign that made it funny. I doubt they will serv you cat on rice. (Well, they probably would given ridiculous amounts of money, and they might just call a mental institution at the same time.)



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