Learning by doing. Part 1 – Things go wrong.

We stayed on Koh Phangan 3 nights longer than planned. So we changed our plans a bit. But even though I have made this part of the trip before, it still went wrong. Not like the horror story like for a couple from Germany that came to our resort looking for directions to their booked place that they had bought in a package.

Just say’in. Do not book a package. Or if you do, pay with a credit card, in that way, if you don’t get what you where promised, you can cancel the payment for the package, or threaten to if the organizational has really screwed you. They know that there is little you can do when you paid cash and are a 12 trip away. And you end up getting stuck in a bungalow in the middle of the jungle… But I will write more about that when I write about our own island experience.

It is easy to make even small mistakes. I did today. We booked a room for our Bangkok stopover, but since we would be arriving late, I called the hostel how long the reception would be open. We found out that it was open around the clock. Perfect!

Of course they asked if we had made reservations. Which we had via hotels.com, but I had gotten the date wrong. Our booking was for tomorrow. They had room for us in a shared room, but since we arrive on Khao San Road, it would be easier for us to get a room there. Besides, it is the place where I have my “second” home. So if they are full or anything else, there are so many other places there that you can always find an empty room. But the cheap places go first, so we might have to stay in an “expensive” hotel for 1500 Baht.

But we ended upp staying at a place called The Pillow. First place just off the buss and had rooms for 800 Baht per night with tv and aircon.

We also made the mistake of sitting on the sun deck of the Lomprayah catamaran, for almost the whole two hour trip, with no sunscreen. So we both look like lobsters. It might just turn out to be a difficult night as well.

I turned out like this

And I don’t burn easy. So make sure to stay out of the sun. Or if you have to sunbath, use sunscreen.

And lastly, I had told Hanna to put some warm clothes in the carry on bag, since it does get cold. On the way to Koh Phangan, they handed out blankets for the night, so I didn’t think about it this time. And you don’t really think about warm clothes when it is 30 degrees Celsius outside. But as soon as the sun sets, it starts cooling down. And they don’t turn the zircon off, which means that it gets very cold. But at least that part was solved after the usual pistol for food halfway, when they handed out blankets.

But the best way to learn is to make the mistakes.
Let’s see what we learn until next time.


The first post on my first trip to Thailand

Hi everyone!

My writing here have unfortunately not been as high as Peters. I’ve been in need of a break from everyday life, but now I´m more relaxed and have the energy to write.

So here we are, finally out on our adventure. This trip have been my motivation and sparkle through tough times so it feels nice to that we finally reached our goal. While writing this I´m lying in the hammock outside our cozy bungalow at Koh Phangang.  It’s so different from Bangkok here.  Despite all the conversations about the trip between me and Peter, and although he have been trying to describe Thailand, my first meeting with the land was a big chock – Thereof the list: Things that surprised me.

Part 1 – The contrasts

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The first week in Bangkok

Just sayin’… Now I need a vacation!

I had actually made a list of thing that we could do while we in Bangkok, but that didn’t happen.

Things go much slower in Thailand, like Spain has its’ “a mañana”. Ten minutes does not mean ten minutes. It means more like probably less than half a hour.

Normal bangkok traffic, not even close to a traffic jam.


In Bangkok this isn’t even a traffic jam. Just an average day.




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We are back!

After this summer we found out some devistating news. My boat had been flooded and there was a 30-40 cm of water inside the whole boat. To make things worse, mold had grown everywhere.

This has put a temporary stop to our sailing plans, but not to our adventures!

So instead of sailing, we are going to Thailand for the next two and a half months. We are leaving in two days.. So keep an eye out for new updates! =)